The T-shirt is a classic piece of clothing that has a place in every man’s heart and wardrobe thanks to its versatility that started as a workwear staple and has evolved into its current function as the epitome of casual style.
Different T-Shirt Necklines

  • Crew Neck Style: The crew neck t-shirt is the most common style of t-shirt. Nothing is better than the crew neck t-shirt in a classic style.
  • V Neck Style: As the name implies, the neck of this style of t-shirt is shaped like a V. Guys with broad shoulders and round faces can benefit from this neckline because it makes them look thinner and leaner.
    The “Henley”: The simplest way to describe the Henley t-shirt is as a cross between the crew and the V-necklines. It has a deep buttoning placket that extends several inches and fits wonderfully over a well-built and strong chest. Its aesthetic appeal is increased by the buttons while still retaining a subtle machismo.
  • Polo T-Shirts: Golfers made polo t-shirts famous, and the collared variety with buttons gives the outfit a more official feel. The best candidates for this style of t-shirt are lean men.
  • Scoop Neck Style: Another variant of the crew neck is the scoop neck, which has a round neckline that hangs a few inches below the collarbone. It doesn’t have the same rough appearance as the other necklines, but it has a subtlety to it.

Most Popular T-Shirt Styles You Can Pair with Anything

  • T-Shirts with Pocket: Simply said, pocket tees have a pocket on the left breast of the garment. The pocket is an intriguing element that, when made in a complementary color, can inject some life into a plain t-shirt.
  • Hooded T-Shirts: You can add a level of refinement to hoodies that is hard to find in any other fashion. Its athleisure appeal makes it ideal for playing football with your friends or going to the gym
  • Printed T-Shirts: T-shirts with colourful prints, graphics, and trendy slogans can easily spruce up your plain wardrobe. To balance out the look, pair them with a pair of sophisticated sneakers and a pair of jeans or khaki chinos.
    T-shirt designs have long been experimented with to offer us looks that range from sporty to semi-casual and everything in between. The nice thing about various t-shirts is that they can be altered in many ways to create countless styles while maintaining their core identity as the most popular item of clothing for men. If you are looking for some great T-shirts, head over to Apex, for some of the best online t-shirts for men.