Terms and Conditions

Pricing Policy:

  1. All products available on apex4u.com are priced at their Maximum Retail Prices (MRP) inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT). The displayed price of each product includes the applicable VAT.
  2. The MRP of an item on apex4u.com may vary or differ from similar items sold at Apex Store. This could be due to various factors, such as promotional offers, exclusive online deals, or pricing strategies specific to the online platform.
  3. In the event of a price discrepancy caused by a technical error, Apex4u.com reserves the right to cancel any order.
  4. The MRP of all products available on apex4u.com does not include the cost of delivery. Delivery charges, if applicable, will be calculated separately and added to the final order total during the checkout process. The exact delivery cost will depend on the shipping method, destination, and weight or dimensions of the ordered items.

Please note that this pricing policy is subject to change without prior notice. We strive to provide accurate and competitive pricing, and in the event of any doubts or concerns regarding pricing, we encourage you to contact our customer support team for clarification before placing an order. At Apex4u.com, we are committed to offering a seamless and transparent shopping experience to our customers, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation with our pricing policy.

Order Policy:

  1. Customers can only place orders for items that are currently in stock on our website. We strive to keep our inventory up to date, and the availability status of each item is indicated on the product page. However, in the rare event that an item becomes unavailable after an order is placed, we will notify you promptly and provide options such as a refund or an alternative product.
  2. After successfully placing an order on our website, you will receive a confirmation message acknowledging the receipt of your order. This message will include details such as the order number, items ordered, billing and shipping addresses, and the total amount.
  3. Customers can make payment against their orders through two options:
    • Online Payment: We accept various secure online payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, and electronic wallets. The payment process will be facilitated through a trusted payment gateway.
    • Cash on Delivery (COD): We offer the convenience of paying for your order upon its delivery. Orders that have been paid for and have already shipped cannot be cancelled. Once an order has been shipped, it is considered final. However, if you have any concerns or issues with your order, please reach out to our customer support team, and we will assist you to the best of our abilities.
  4. Apex reserves the right to cancel any order in exceptional circumstances.
  5. Once a payment has been made for an order, it will not be refunded unless there are exceptional circumstances that warrant a refund as per our refund policy. It is recommended to review the product details, specifications, and other relevant information before making a purchase to ensure a satisfying experience.
  6. Cash on Delivery (COD) orders will not be processed if the total order value is more than BDT 10,000.

Please note that this order policy is subject to change without prior notice. We strive to provide a seamless and reliable ordering process, and if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team for assistance.

Warranty Policy:

At Apex we are committed to customer satisfaction and all products are controlled for quality and size through a rigorous quality assurance and control system. In the rare case that our product(s) fail to delight, customer(s) may avail of our following warranty facility.

  1. We offer warranty on the products sold by us by full replacement due to major material and/ or workmanship defects, or by repair of minor material and/or workmanship defects.
  2. Major material and workmanship defects are limited to i) Sole abrasion and sole cracking ii) Upper tearing or sock material cracking or insole cracking iii) Ornaments, trims, elastic, zipper and buckles (excluding product disclaimer) failure and removal where repair is not possible.
  3. Minor material and workmanship defects are limited to i) Upper polishing variances ii) Sole bonding defect iii) Lace tearing iv) Hand stitch failure v) Buckle and buckle elastic change vi) Velcro change vii) Trims, rivet and eyelets cracking and removal.
  4. Customer(s) can avail our warranty facility under the terms of this warranty policy on his/her purchased product(s) within 30 (thirty) days after delivery/collect the same only through any Apex own retail outlets.
  5. Replacement under the terms of this warranty policy can only be done with the product(s) of the same and/or higher value subject to payment of the price difference.
  6. Repairing under the terms of this warranty policy will be done within 10 working days after placing the claim.
  7. No warranty facility will be applicable under the terms of this warranty policy without online purchase receipt/invoice.

Special Terms:

Special terms will be applicable for exchange and warranty policy;

  1. During any sales campaign Product delivery timeline may vary.
  2. Customers can exchange, replace and repair his/her purchased product(s) under the terms of above policies only once.
  3. No cash refund will be applicable in any manner.
  4. The product(s) purchased under any DISCOUNT price/sales campaign cannot be exchanged, replaced or repaired under the terms of above policies.
  5. Apparel items like undergarments and socks will not be exchanged, replaced or repaired under the terms of above policies, due to hygiene factors.
  6. Customer can avail warranty facility on his/her purchased product(s) subject to reasonable and foreseeable use of the same. Claim against damage due to misuse, but are not limited to, poor maintenance, neglect, abuse, installation or alteration that is improper or inappropriate, used outside of the purpose of the product, improper care, normal wear and tear, abrasive, sink in water, hole, burn or shrink will not be entertained.