This smart-casual staple has spent the last century making its way from Wimbledon courts to wardrobes, but not without a few detours through various teenage subcultures along the way. As a result, a good polo shirt is now a spring/summer wardrobe staple for every well-dressed man. It has seeped into the very fabric of modern menswear. The polo shirt’s crossover appeal can be attributed to its adaptability. It can be worn with a variety of outfits and situations if properly styled. We’ve compiled a list of some great ways to wear polo shirts to help you decide the next time you buy one.
Ways to Wear Polo Shirts

  • Athleisure: The re-appropriation of athletic apparel as streetwear (commonly referred to as athleisure) has become the new norm in menswear over the last ten years. If it isn’t already a large part of your wardrobe, it should be.
    Polo shirts for men are a key component of this aesthetic, and they go well with a variety of athleisure-inspired outfits. The key to success is to wear it with other sportswear.
  • Separates: When it comes to styling separates, finding the perfect color and contrast is essential, and your polo shirt is no exception. To be safe, stick to neutrals and monochrome, but if the jacket and pants are somewhat muted, a pop of more vibrant color from the Polo shirts for men can also look great.
  • With A Suit: When worn in place of a shirt, a polo shirt’s breathable pique cotton fabric can relieve the heat if the dress code allows it. There are two decent ways to do this regarding color. To start, you can choose tonal clothing. That means sticking to various tones of the same or related colors for your polo shirt and suit. As an alternative, you may select contrast. To do this, choose a polo shirt that compliments but does not match the color of your case. Avoid anything too bright or punchy; opt for soft tones instead.
  • Tucked In: Sticking with the notion of simplicity is the most acceptable styling strategy. Great if you can remove the belt. If not, make sure it is simple and straightforward. Reduce the number of accessories and use a soft colour palette. Legwear-wise, chinos and dress pants are both excellent choices. If the weather is cooperative, you can also substitute fitted shorts.

What makes a polo shirt so versatile? Probably the ease with which one may look good with little effort. It’s the kind of clothing that, even when you haven’t, gives the impression that you’ve given your outfit some attention. A step up from the regular T-shirt, but still casual and comfortable.