Born In Bangladesh, Worn Around The World

From a humble beginning to the apex of innovation, Apex has perfected the art of Orginal Design Manufacturing and has become the largest exporter of leather footwear from Bangladesh.


Sustainability is a core value of our business and we are committed to focusing on sustainability for our people, planet & products.

Bangladesh's Biggest Chain of Own Retail Stores

260+ own stores spread across all 64 districts makes Apex the biggest Bangladeshi Footwear Retailer.

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Apex has been recognized as Bangladesh’s most-loved retail shoe brand for 3 consecutive years.


Welcome to Apex Footwear Limited, the premier publicly listed manufacturer, retailer, and exporter of footwear. As the largest shoemaker in South Asia with over 30 years of industry expertise, the Apex brand embodies trust and unparalleled quality, earning adoration across Bangladesh. Our cutting-edge facilities include 2 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants and a top-notch tannery unit, manned by a dedicated workforce of over 11 thousand skilled professionals. With a commitment to excellence, we craft footwear that resonates with style and durability. As responsible corporate citizens, we strive for sustainable practices, making every step with Apex an extraordinary experience. Our success correlates directly with the empowerment of our collective energy, intelligence, and reputation. It is with strong determination and courage that all our people contribute to this dynamic industry. Maintaining the highest level of integrity is fundamental to who we are as a breathing organization.

Global Presence

Apex Footwear Limited started its journey as an OEM factory which then evolved into ODM. With global location advantage in Europe’s fashion hub Italy, Apex creates amazingly beautiful products which is then engineered to perfection in Bangladesh. With more than 130 buyers worldwide, Apex has cemented its global presence in the international footwear industry by exporting over 5m prs of shoes every year.

Local Presence

Apex has established its dominance in all parts of Bangladesh with stylish designs, quality shoe-making and immaculate service

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