Leather shoe care may appear overwhelming but leather can be surprisingly long-lasting if handled with a little care. Maintaining proper leather shoe maintenance (whether dress shoes, boots, or casual sneakers) boils down to two key principles: keep them clean and dry. These 5 steps on taking care of your shoes by Apex can surely increase the longevity of your leather shoes.

1. Clean your shoes after every wear
Clean your shoes with a shoe brush or a microfiber towel after each wear. This will keep dirt and filth from being embedded in the leather over time, saving you the trouble of staining later.

2. Keep your sole fresh
Replace the sole when it has worn down more than a quarter of an inch, the heel edge has rounded over, or you can feel things through the bottom. Extending the life of a worn-out sole can compromise the structure of the shoe. Even if there is plenty of sole remaining, wear tilts your shoe which might cause back pain.

3. Apply leather conditioner
Apply a leather conditioner to your leather shoes to keep your shoes from drying out and cracking. This life-saving leather shoe care tip is especially beneficial for those who live in hot climates. After you’ve finished conditioning, use a waterproofing spray.

4. Keep them in a safe place
Shoe bags can be used to store your shoes and keep them clean. Keep them away from any potentially damaging factors and sunshine to maintain their exquisite condition. Make sure you keep them in good working order.

Leather handbags and shoes should be kept in well-ventilated areas. They must be kept out of direct sunlight and heat. If you’re willing to spend a little money on your shoe collection, we recommend investing in a shoe tree, which can help you keep your shoes in shape and eliminate creases.

5. Use polish once a month
Apply a little amount of polish with soft pressure and in a circular motion. This can be done with a soft cloth or a horsehair brush. Continue to apply the polish until the shoe is completely covered. Remove any excess with a damp cloth.

Your shoes will be better protected with a wax-based polish. Make sure that the color of the polish matches the color of your shoes. Once you think you’ve found a good hue, apply a small amount of polish in an inconspicuous spot to see if the color matches.

Seeing your most expensive leather shoes deteriorate over time is disheartening. You may have to part with your favorite pairs if you are not doing everything you can to preserve them in good condition. However, if you put in a little more effort and follow a regular shoe care routine, you can keep your shoes looking as good as new.